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We have successfully handled thousands of lemon law cases.

  • Huge Advantage: Firm Started by Former Car Manufacturer’s Attorneys
  • Free Case Review. Manufacturer may have to pay all your attorney fees
  • More than 20 years of experience

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Why Choose Us?

Our Team of lawyers has collectively handled 1000’s of lemon law cases. Even if your car is not covered under the current Lemon Law, we can help you find the best legal solution to your automobile problem.

Our firm was started by attorneys who used to defend one of Detroit's Big 3 Car Manufacturers from Lemon Law claims since 1997. We have an insider view on how auto manufacturers analyze your case. With over 20 years of experience we focus on trying to settle your claim fast and maximize your settlement.

Who do you think the car manufacturers are going to fight and try to take advantage of: Former car manufacturer trial lawyers who have over 25 years experience and trial experience? Or a lawyer with little experience and no trial experience who has no idea how the car manufacturer assesses these claims?

  • We have attorneys who been handling lemon cases since 1997
  • We know the system, our firm was started by former car manufacturer attorneys
  • We know how the car manufacturers think, how they evaluate claims and what their weaknesses are.
  • We have successfully settled thousands and thousands of cases

Our services are 100% free*

*In most lemon law cases the manufacturer has to pay your attorney’s fees. In most states, the lemon law state statute requires the manufacturer to pay your attorney’s fees. Call to see what your state lemon law says.

And if we do not win, you owe us nothing. And if we obtain a settlement for you, our attorneys’ fees are normally paid by the auto companies. Also, you won’t pay a retainer fee up front to have us represent you.

Get a Free/No obligation case review by filling out our short web form or calling our toll free

*In most lemon law cases the manufacturer has to pay your attorney’s fees.

Client Testimonials

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the entire staff of The Lemon Law for their work on my behalf. They were able to get General Motors to recognize the issues with my vehicle and negotiate a mutually beneficial solutions for all parities.

I would have never been able to handle this as professionally as Jason and his team did on my behalf. Having one place to handle the negotiations and the related paperwork was a great benefit to me. ”

Bart Lucente

“When I encountered numerous problems with a new camper I purchased last year I was at my wits end. I didn't know where to turn. I found the GEORGIA Lemon Law office on the internet and placed my call at which time I came in contact with Jason Hegedus.

I explained the problems I had been experiencing with both the dealer and the manufacturer and Jason explained my options and we agreed to proceed with legal action. I found Mr. Hegedus and his office staff to be very helpful and always available to address any concerns I might have.”

Judy Perry

Rated Excellent

Get all of your money back

We can help you determine if you have a case, and the best way to achieve a satisfactory result for you. Call now for a FREE CASE REVIEW to see if your case qualifies. Our firm has helped clients get all of their money back with the Attorney Fees paid for by the Manufacturer, not you.

Call us today to understand your consumer rights under Federal and State Lemon Law statutes.

Continue to use your vehicle until your case is settled.

If your car is found to be a lemon, you can get a cash settlement or vehicle repurchased, including your down payment, trade in, monthly payments and taxes, – minus a small usage fee.

Provided your car is still safe to drive, you can continue to use your vehicle until your case is settled.

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The Huge Advantage - Our firm was started by and is managed by attorneys who used to defend the Car Manufacturer from Lemon Law claims and who have been handling lemon cases since 1997.  This is a huge advantage.

This can help you get more money in your pocket and more than what you may get with an inexperienced attorney with no inside knowledge as to how the car manufacturers actually handle these claims.

We know how the car manufacturers think, how they evaluate claims and what their weaknesses are. We know how to get the maximum amount of money in settlement from them. And they know exactly who we are.

They know that our firm has former car manufacturer attorneys in the firm who used to defend these claims since 1997 and who have extensive trial experience. They know we have attorneys who used to be the trial attorneys for the car manufacturer and are fully experienced and prepared to fight all the way to trial to win your case.

Experience is so important in these cases and makes a huge difference on what happens with your case and especially how much you may receive. Remember the car manufacturers use attorneys that have a lot of experience in handling these lemon law cases, but the good news is we have attorneys who are most often more experienced and who have been on both sides of the fight, so we are educated and prepared to fight any issue that may arise with your case.

Our experienced and proven team will fight for your lemon law rights.